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Factors that affect the performance of the Compact Laminate Board
 Sep 08, 2022|View:287

The performance of the compact laminate boardis affected by many factors, such as the amount of adhesive, the content of volatile, the hot pressing process, and the properties of base paper, etc. . Therefore, when these factors are known, they should be strictly controlled as production conditions permit.

1. The influence of glue amount

With the increase of the adhesive amount, the mechanical properties of the compact laminate boardalso increase at the early stage. When the adhesive amount reaches a certain value, the mechanical strength reaches the highest, and the mechanical properties did not change obviously, even decreased slightly, but the adhesive amount increased the wear resistance, water resistance, and dimensional stability.

2. The influence of volatile content

There are some volatile substances in the impregnated paper, which have a great influence on the physical properties of the compact laminate board, similarly, the strength of the bent also decreases to different degrees. So production is required to strictly control the volatile content of the paper. The content of volatile matter is related to the solubility of resin. When the volatile matter is pressed to the minimum, the fluidity of impregnated paper is very poor. At present, in actual production, the content of volatile matter is controlled by 6-9% of the surface paper, decorative paper 5-8%, and bottom paper 6-8%.

compact laminate board

3. The effect of pressure on the performance of the Compact Laminate Board

Hot-pressing conditions: temperature, time, and pressure are the main conditions to make compact laminate board, the size of the pressure directly affects the specific gravity of the product, such as the specific gravity and water absorption, hygroscopicity, so the specific gravity of the small paper gap, the product hygroscopicity is strong, on the contrary, the product density is big, the hygroscopicity is small, the compact laminate boardstability is also good, therefore generally controls the pressure in 6 ~ 8MPa.

4. The influence of other factors

The absorption of base paper, the coverage of additives, the printing quality, and so on will result in the appearance of the compact laminate boardtonal defects, the bottom of the paper has pulp lumps also because there is no impregnation glue, resulting in bubbling, in short, the impact of quality factors more, as long as the strict control of various process parameters, master the process operation, we can overcome adverse factors, the production of high-quality decorative panels.

These are the four factors that affect the performance of the compact laminate board, so feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.