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Why external wall cladding panels?
 May 15, 2024|View:353

Now more and more projects are choosing external wall cladding panelsfor their facades, so why do people choose external wall cladding panels? This is because external wall cladding panelsare not only energy efficient and environmentally friendly but also have significant advantages.

1. Heat and cold resistance.

External wall cladding panelshave excellent thermal insulation properties and better cold resistance and thermal insulation properties than traditional building materials. The energy used for heating and cooling is greatly reduced.

2. Save money by not being affected by the weather.

Not subject to seasonal climatic and geographical constraints, applicable throughout the year. Effectively shorten the project cycle, speed up the project schedule, save construction costs, and reduce the overall comprehensive cost.

3. Lightweight. Aseismic and crack-proof.

External wall cladding panelsare characterized by lightweight, high strength, and good impact resistance. Because the lightweight not only reduces the burden of the building itself but also greatly reduces the impact of the earthquake on the building. External wall cladding panelswill be more earthquake-resistant, crack-resistant, safe and secure if installed on light steel construction.

wall cladding panels

4. Protect against fire and moisture.

Moreover, the core material of external wall cladding panelshas been specially processed, which has very good flame retardancy and is safer to use. In addition, the special installation method effectively avoids the destruction of the structure caused by the cycle of freezing and thawing, greatly reduces the water seepage problem after the wall is installed, and effectively avoids the mildew of the indoor wall.

5. Noise reduction.

External wall cladding panelsare made of a high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer, the interior is an independent closed bubble structure, sound insulation effect is very good. As a result, external wall cladding panelsare well suited to many scenic areas such as schools, hospitals, residential buildings, etc. . Now people like to have a comfortable living environment, they prefer a lower-noise living environment.

6. Eco-friendly and durable.

External wall cladding panelshave a stable chemical and physical structure, no mildew, no radiation, no pollution, and environmental protection. In addition, external wall cladding panelsare easy to clean, durable, and have a long service life. And the construction waste can also be recycled, greatly reducing the construction process of construction waste generation.

7. A wide range of styles.

External wall cladding panelsare available in a variety of color schemes, such as stone-like effects, metal curtain wall effects, and some embossed designs. The effect can be comparable with any curtain wall scheme, not only to achieve the thickness of the dry stone but also to reflect the beauty of ceramic panel curtain walls.

The above are the advantages of external wall cladding panelsand are the reasons why people often choose external wall cladding panels. If you have any other questions, you can contact us directly.