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How do you choose the Right Compact Laminate?
 Jun 27, 2022|View:383

Compact laminate is known for its excellent stability, durability, water resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, compact laminate has a wide range of applications. If we wanted to buy the right compact laminate, what would we do? Just look at its classification!

compact laminate

Compact laminate can be broken down into three categories:


Because of its anti-wear, fire, anti-bacterial, anti-static and other characteristics, widely used in banks, airport counters, interior walls, public toilets, sanitary compartments, windproof walls, benches and other station platforms. Such as school tables and chairs, canteen tables and closet hangers.

2. Outdoors

Compact Laminate has three series of monochrome, natural color and metallic color, bright color, beautiful, durable, used for public facilities such as external walls and balconies, as well as a variety of facilities in and out.

3. The lab

Compact laminate has excellent resistance and is suitable for use in facilities such as physical, chemical, biochemical, and clinical laboratories, as well as in research workbenches and communication rooms.

compact laminate

In addition to the main uses mentioned above, the compact laminate has the characteristics of high function and high creativity. It can also be used in many other fields and facilities, thus bringing infinite creativity.

Compact laminate has an extremely wide range of applications. Tables, desks, doors, even sinks, receptionists, lockers, ceilings, desks, and office cubicles! But to buy high-quality compact laminate, choose TRSK, strong technical strength, first-class production capacity, let you buy the rest assured, perfect after-sales service, let you worry-free, sincerely look forward to working with you!