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How much do you know about High Pressure Laminate
 Jun 29, 2022|View:428

High Pressure Laminate is a decorative veneer. It is a fire-resistant building material for decorative surfaces, with rich surface colors and patterns, and is widely used for interior decoration.

Wood grain High pressure laminate

I. Composition

Material composition: The material composition of High Pressure Laminate can be divided into three layers from top to bottom: wear-resistant layer, decorative color paper, and kraft paper.

Abrasion-resistant layer

High Pressure Laminate is the most surface layer.

It can effectively wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other important properties

Extend the service life of the board.

Decorative paper

The material that determines the style of High Pressure Laminate.

It is highly printable and has a wide range of styles.

Kraft paper

It is the main component of High Pressure Laminate, and its thickness is also controlled by it.

It has high strength and is usually yellowish brown in color.

High Pressure Laminate is made by impregnating resin glue, drying, and processing at high temperature and pressure from a surface layer of wear-resistant paper, high-grade imported decorative paper, and multi-layer kraft paper.

Surface style treatment

High Pressure Laminate is available in a wide range of colors and patterns to meet the needs of various styles of design.

We have a wide range of surface colors and patterns

Texture series: solid color series, wood grain series, stone grain series, metal series, fabric grain series

Surface treatment: linen (suede, flat), glossy, embossed surface and other surface treatments

Wood grain high pressure laminate sheet


As a decorative veneer, High Pressure Laminate is generally used in conjunction with substrate boards for interior wall panels, cabinets or furniture surfaces.

High Pressure Laminate is widely used for interior decoration of horizontal or vertical surfaces, in furniture, walls, display cabinets, cabinets, interior doors, columns, ceilings, etc.


With the improvement of living standard, people have higher requirements for the daily living environment condition. High Pressure Laminate is popular in the market because of its excellent performance

High Pressure Laminate is dense, hard, scratch and wear resistant, and has a stable internal material structure that is less susceptible to thermal expansion and contraction.

It has excellent moisture resistance and is very durable. Unlike traditional solid wood panels, fireproof panels are not susceptible to water absorption and moisture, which can lead to mold, insects and bacteria.

High Pressure Laminate is easy to clean and can be easily removed with just a rag and detergent.

Flame retardant and environmentally friendly. Currently, people have certain fire protection and environmental protection requirements for the selection of decoration panels, and the better quality of the finish fire panels on the market can reach B1 fire rating and E1 environmental protection rating, so that people can use with confidence.

High Pressure Laminate is very decorative, and there are thousands of colors and styles available on the market to achieve beautiful results while being hygienic and environmentally friendly.

High Pressure Laminate is just a customary expression, but it is not really not afraid of fire, but only has a certain degree of fire resistance.