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The classification of compact laminate
 Jul 18, 2022|View:285

Compact Laminate is a type of laminate. Laminates are two or more layers of resin-impregnated fiber or fabric by the combination, hot pressing combined whole. How many types of compact laminate can you classify by material?

Compact laminate is made of resin-impregnated fibers or fabrics that are laminated. Laminated products can be processed into a variety of insulation and structural parts, widely used in motors, transformers, high and low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical instruments, and electronic equipment. Laminates may be plates, tubes, rods, or other shapes.

The performance of compact laminate depends on the substrate and binder, as well as the molding process.

According to its composition, characteristics, and heat resistance, laminate can be divided into the following two.

Organic substrate laminate-wood pulp insulation paper, cotton fiber paper, cotton cloth, and other reinforcement materials. The long-term service temperature can reach 120 °C, and synthetic fiber products are also developed as reinforcements.

Inorganic substrate laminate-inorganic glass fiber cloth, non-alkali glass fiber mat as reinforcing material. The long-term use temperature is 130 ~ 180 °C, and an even higher temperature varies with the adhesive resin.

Compact Laminate

Compact Laminate: includes laminate, cloth, glass cloth, and copper foil laminate.

1 laminated paperboard: made by hot pressing of insulating paper impregnated with synthetic resin. With good dielectric properties, mechanical properties, and mechanical processing properties, suitable for electrical equipment in a variety of insulation structure parts.

2 laminating cloth board: made of cotton cloth soaked in synthetic resin by hot pressing. Good mechanical properties, its hardness, anti-splitting, and impact strength than paperboard, but the electrical properties of laminated paperboard, the same use as laminated paperboard.

3 laminated glass cloth: by alkali-free glass cloth impregnated with different synthetic resin by hot pressing. Its mechanical properties, heat resistance, water resistance than laminated paperboard, cloth board high, but slightly poor bonding strength. The purpose is the same as laminate.

Copper-clad laminate: made of alkali-free glass cloth or cotton fiber paper impregnated with Phenol formaldehyde resin or epoxy phenolic resin and coated with electrolytic copper foil on one or both sides of the substrate, and then hot pressed. It has good mechanical and dielectric properties and high anti-stripping strength. A printed circuit board is used chiefly as an electronic instrument.

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