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The difference between a veneer and a compact laminate board
 Jul 20, 2022|View:384

Veneer and compact laminate board are popular surface treatments for different furniture, cabinets, and floors. Do you know the difference between them? Is it better to use a single platen or compact laminate board?

The veneer is a natural material made of natural veneer.

The veneer is made of solid wood and each board has a unique design and appearance.

The veneer can be dyed in different colors. They can be designed to have a matte or glossy finish.

The veneer is prone to scratches and needs regular polishing. As a result, they are less durable.

It applies to non-abrasive surfaces and areas.

Needs regular maintenance and polishing to maintain the finish. Frequent polishing can seriously affect the veneer surface.

The veneer is renewable and sustainable.

Veneers are expensive because they are made of a thin layer of solid wood.

Surface finishing requires skilled labor and tools

The veneer is a non-toxic material.

The veneer is not easy to replace.

compact laminate board

The compact laminate board is an artificial material made from decorative paper and plastic resin.

The Compact Laminate Board has the same design and look.

The compact laminate board comes in different colors and finishes. They can be designed to look like natural wood, leather, and natural silk materials.

The compact laminate board is durable, waterproof, and heat and stain resistant.

Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, children's bedroom, and other busy areas.

The compact laminate board is easier to maintain and can maintain its appearance and finish for years.

The compact laminate board is a non-renewable material.

The compact laminate board is factory-made and costs less than a veneer.

The Compact Laminate Board is easy to install without special skills and tools.

Compact laminate boards are toxic because they release volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The compact laminate board is easy to disassemble and replace.

The choice of a single board or a compact laminate board depends entirely on the application, exposure conditions, and budget. The veneer gives the solid wood its timeless appearance and warmth, while the compact laminate board is well suited for easy-to-maintain modern color interiors.

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