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What are the characteristics of High pressure laminate?
 Jul 27, 2022|View:467

High Pressure Laminate is a composite material manufactured in layers to improve various qualities such as appearance, strength, durability, stability, etc. . The lamination process is accomplished by applying heat or pressure or with the aid of an adhesive.

The High pressure laminate of the construction industry is a worldwide popular surface finish panel to provide many great advantages. Widely used in desktops, all kinds of furniture, and wall decoration.

Today's High pressure laminate has a variety of excellent properties, including chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, for High-demand applications, and even fire-resistant laminate. You can also add some highlights to a project. Examples are shiny silver, mirrored, brushed, and patterned metal laminate. These products can be solid or perforated. Metal laminates are often found in high-end entertainment such as cosmetics counters or hardcover bars. It can be applied to a hard fiberboard surface.

High pressure laminate

High Pressure Laminate features:

1. Aesthetic: laminate flooring adds style through a seamless blend of natural patterns and designs, colors, panels, and textures.

2. Multi-function surface treatment: from floral pattern to matte surface to glossy surface, each laminate design can give a unique look and feel. It makes these choices applicable to any part of the house or office.

3. Durability: The Laminate is durable and wear-resistant. They are scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and are well suited for installation in frequently used sites, with strong impact and impact resistance.

4. Easy to install: laminate flooring is easier to install than hardwood flooring and other alternatives. Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts like to install them without professional help, and the whole process takes about two days.

5. Health: many manufacturers offer High-pressure laminate, antibacterial coating, and anti-allergen protection treated with antibacterial resins to create a healthy space for everyone to use in a hospital environment.

6. Easy to clean and maintain: the laminate protects the floor from contamination, while spillage requires simple cleaning with a cloth. These do not require regular maintenance and maintenance costs are easy.

7. Long Life: High-Pressure Laminate has a long life when used under normal conditions. You can expect a useful life of up to 20 years.

8. Cost reduction: low maintenance, long life, easy installation, and most of the above benefits help laminate meet all budgets.

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