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Some common problems with HPL laminate
 Aug 01, 2022|View:479

HPL laminate is a common board for decoration. We learned its characteristics and classification before. This time, let's talk about some common problems with HPL laminate so that we can understand HPL laminate easily.

Is it more convenient to paste HPL laminate directly on the construction site?

HPL laminate veneering has high requirements, but the site conditions are limited, such as space, temperature, and equipment. Therefore, the general solution is to carry out veneering operations in the processing plant, and then use semi-finished products for installation on site. If direct construction of plates is required on-site, pay attention to the cleaning of plates, proper glue distribution, and uniform pressing.

Is HPL laminate only available in monochrome and wood grain?

HPL laminate is a kind of highly designed material. In addition to the common monochrome and wood grain, there are also the recently popular stone grain, metal, and special patterns. More importantly, HPL laminate can also accept customized patterns from customers, making the design more personalized.

HPL laminate

Can HPL laminate be placed at will like other boards?

The storage of HPL laminate needs to meet certain conditions, otherwise, it will cause certain damage to HPL laminate and affect the progress and final effect of decoration.

Generally speaking, the storage place should keep the site dry and ventilated. HPL laminate should be stretched and placed horizontally or vertically, and cannot be folded. The rolled HPL laminate cannot be put away for too long and needs to be used in time. The storage time of HPL laminate bending should not exceed half a year, otherwise, the bending effect may be affected;

Can HPL laminate be pasted on the surface of any material?

As a kind of wood material, HPL laminate has the characteristics of expansion and contraction with the change of humidity, which determines that it must be veneered on similar materials. In this way, the expansion and contraction changes of HPL laminate and the substrate itself can be consistent without separation. We recommend particleboard and medium density board, and try to avoid gypsum board, calcium silicate board, etc.

Can HPL laminate be constructed immediately after it is bought back?

HPL laminate is often used together with the substrate. In addition, HPL laminate itself is a wood material with a certain expansion rate. Therefore, HPL laminate should first be assimilated with the substrate in the same environment after receiving it, and the time should not be less than 72 hours. In this way, the expansion and contraction of HPL laminate and substrate will be synchronized, and the warpage, delamination, and other problems caused by the different expansion and contraction of HPL laminate and substrate will not occur in the later stage.

If processing is required, can HPL laminate be arbitrarily cut?

HPL laminate is easy to cut, but it needs appropriate tools and proper cutting methods. Bulldozing saw is used for mechanical cutting; a Hook knife can be used for manual cutting; Curve cutting requires a curve saw. The knife must enter from the surface of the colored paper, which can avoid the problem of cutting edge explosion.

Is the construction of HPL laminate very simple?

HPL laminate construction is very important, and many details need to be paid attention to. It can be said that five products and five installations, such as the need for appropriate glue, supporting processing tools, etc. If the construction is not good, it will cause product warpage, substrate separation, and other problems.

HPL laminate is like this. Now HPL laminate is also in a process of rapid development. It has been constantly tried to be applied in various places and has achieved very good results.

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