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How to maintain the high pressure laminate sheet?
 Aug 03, 2022|View:377

Before learning how to clean a high pressure laminate sheet, it is helpful to know which products to avoid during maintenance and cleaning. A high pressure laminate sheet is usually made of a mixture of plastic and paper, as the name implies, and is laminated onto a board.

The high pressure laminate sheet is designed to prevent wear and tear, and while it is usually more durable than wood or marble mesa materials, it is not undamaged. The most important thing to remember when cleaning a high pressure laminate sheet is to avoid using abrasive brushes, rough scrubbers, or steel wool. Over time, rough sponges and brushes can scrape off the surface of the high pressure laminate sheet, making the material more vulnerable to damage.

It is best to stay away from bleach or high-acid cleaning agents, choose ph-neutral cleaning products. Although they are usually effective detergents, acidic cleaners can cause discoloration on your high pressure laminate sheet.

high pressure laminate sheet

One of the biggest advantages of high pressure laminate sheet surfaces is that they are easy to maintain, but there are some cleaning tips to keep in mind to make them look good for years. One is to dry the spilled liquid immediately. The high pressure laminate sheet is much less sensitive to water damage than many countertop materials, but water can penetrate the core of the particleboard through the seams, causing moisture damage to the particleboard, over time will lead to particleboard expansion or warping.

This is especially applicable around the sink because frequent leaks or spatters can easily work their way into the seams between the sink and countertop. When a leak occurs, it should be wiped clean as soon as possible to reduce future water damage.

Also, if you have a high pressure laminate sheet for your kitchen counter, you will always want to use a cutting board. This material is well resistant to occasional small scratches or scratches, but it is not suitable for frequent tool use. The same rule applies to heat. Use a tripod or hot pad instead of placing a warm pan or dish directly on the counter. It will help prevent scorching and will prevent stains, discoloration, or ring formation.

For daily cleaning, simply use a non-abrasive brush or cloth, warm water, and mild soap, such as detergent or ph-neutral household cleaners, to remove dirt and debris from countertops. Wash with clean water, then immediately wipe with a soft cloth.

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